As many types of bikes as we have customers: road bikes; mountain bikes; bmx; cruisers; kids bikes; touring bikes; exercise bikes and even cyclocross bikes, from many major manufacturers and custom builders.

Mountain Bikes

From fully suspended downhill machines to rigid single-speeds, Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop can set you up with just the right bike for you and your style of riding. Whether you prefer technical single-track or cruising fire-roads or even just around town a quality mountain bike from TONC can do it all.

Road Bikes

Whether you are racing in the Nevada City Classic or just riding around the block, we have a road bike just for you. From full-on Professional road machines to fully loaded cross-country touring rigs and everything in between, Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop provides all of the options.

Come in and see our selection of custom road bikes & don’t forget to ask us about our custom bike fitting services.

BMX Bikes

BMX isn’t just racing around a track. We carry BMX bikes for racing, freestyle, jumping and yes, just plain transportation.

Kid’s Bikes

Remember your first bike… We do, and even though it has been many years, it’s probably still being ridden by someone today.

A quality child’s bike from Tour of Nevada City Bicycle Shop is more that just a two-wheeled toy. It is a scaled down version of an adult bike, built with the same attention to detail and, most importantly, with safety in mind.

Exercise Bikes

When the weather won’t cooperate or you can seem to get out before dark, our exercise bike are the solution to the problem. We carry a selection of indoor exercise bikes, as well as trainers that attach right to your existing bike for anytime, indoor, foul weather riding.

We also carry accessories for “Spinning” bikes, so you can use your own saddle or pedals while riding at the gym.